Ninja Chaos

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Reviewers and journalists, please feel free to download our press release and media press kit if you want to review our game. Please email us : if you need further information.

Ninja Chaos press release (pdf)

Ninja Chaos media kit (zip)

Include banners, icons, logos and screenshots

Download the game

Download from iTunes (FREE) :

supports iPhone 4+ and iPad 2+ devices.

Download from Google Play (FREE)

supports devices with os 4.1 and later

About Ninja Chaos

Ninja_Chaos_Large Web Editor Pick

Ninja Chaos is a survival action game with simple tap to dodge and swipe to attack controls. Players can choose from a variety of environments, each with different traps and enemy layouts. Players can earn points by surviving the constant onslaught of enemies for as long as they can and by avoiding traps and projectiles using dodges and jumps or counter attacking with their own weapons. Only the best will survive, as the difficulty increases over time. Players will face more and more enemies and encounter foes with special abilities and level traps. Ninja Chaos also allows players to challenge their friends using Game Center, Google Play and Facebook leaderboards. Players can also share custom stats cards to show off their skills. Ninja Chaos is suitable for all players, young and old, who like fun and addictive quick fix games.


  • Guitar hero-like combo point system. Earn major point multipliers with long kill streaks.
  • Multiple characters to unlock each with different stats and animations.
  • Battle it out in a variety of locations with different environmental traps like snakes, gigantic snow balls and even a pooing seagull.
  • Random treasure chests that give you combo/score multiplies, second lives and invincibility.
  • Advanced graphical shader effects with retina support for iOS.
  • Multiple power ups and treasure chest.
  • Social gameplay using Game Center, Google Play and Facebook leaderboards.

Ninja Chaos game trailer

Ninja Chaos Trailer

Ninja Chaos screen shots

1136x640 Screenshot001136x640 Screenshot011136x640 Screenshot02

1136x640 Screenshot031136x640 Screenshot041136x640 Screenshot05

1136x640 Screenshot061136x640 Screenshot06

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About HAB Studio

HAB Studio is an independent game studio based in Sydney, Australia with a talented and experienced team focused on creating fun and addictive games for smartphones and tablets. Formed around our first game, Ninja Chaos, HAB Studio was founded in 2012 by an international team of ex-game developers wanting to create a game on a shoestring budget at home. Our aim is not just to make games, but games that will be enjoyed by everyone.





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