Guide to getting higher scores in Ninja Chaos

Chaos Mode 

GameCenter and Facebook leader board rankings are only available when playing in Chaos Mode.

Point System

Points can be earned in the game through

  • Time based scores
    • Every second you are alive earns you 1 point. This can be doubled using score multipliers and combos.
  • Enemies
    • There are multiple types of enemies in Ninja Chaos. The stronger enemies will give you larger point values.

   Red Ninja    Female Ninja    Ice Ninja

         10 points                   20 points                 30 points


    Blue Ninja    Green Female Ninja    Dark Fire Ninja

         40 points                   50 points                 60 points

Combos (kill streaks)

Scoring a large kill streak or combo will give you score multipliers. A number will pop up on the left of your screen showing your current kill streak. You will lose your combo when you are hit.

  • Killing 5 enemies = 2x enemy and time score
  • Killing 10 enemies = 4x enemy and time score
  • Killing 20 enemies = 6x enemy and time score
  • Killing 30 enemies = 10x enemy and time score

Upgrade Paths

A red star will show when you have enough coins to purchase upgrades. Early upgrades are cheap so use them to give you a quick advantage.

Powerful shurikens will help you kill enemies in a single hit leading to easier combos.

Upgrading your double jump will help you avoid landing on shurikens and also give you a longer dodge distance than a strafe or roll. Double, triple or quadruple jumps also allow you to change your dodge direction mid air.

Treasure chest upgrades will give you a number of temporary upgrade in game such as score multipliers, coin multipliers, invincibility and second life items.

Getting Level

Each chaos level has a similar difficulty curve but with different enemy variations and environmental traps. Choose a level you are most comfortable with to get a high score.



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